Political Action Committees (PACs) and SuperPACs

PACs and SuperPACs are organizations of like-minded people who come together to raise campaign funds around an issue or set of issues. Reed & Davidson offers a full spectrum of services for establishing and maintaining PACs and SuperPACs:

Choosing the Right Entities
The type of entity (or entities) you choose to form will affect your ability to fundraise for a given electoral goal. Reed & Davidson counsels clients on the types of entities that make the most sense for achieving their goals.

Ongoing Compliance
Once your organization is established, it must follow laws and regulations established by:

  • The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and the Federal Election Commission
  • The California Political Reform Act (and other state laws) and the California Fair Political Practices Commission (and other state campaign ethics agencies)
  • Local campaign ordinances and local campaign ethics agencies

Reed & Davidson helps clients navigate this web of laws to ensure ongoing compliance with their fundraising and expenditure activities.

Preparing Campaign Finance Reports
Reed & Davidson offers a full range of campaign treasurer and recordkeeping services, allowing seamless filing of legally required campaign finance reports.

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