Independent Expenditure Committees

In recent years, independent groups have been established to spend money in elections outside of traditional campaign contributions. Independent expenditure committees raise and spend money on campaign communications at the federal, state, and local level. Reed & Davidson advises independent expenditure committees seeking to participate in elections.

Establishing a Campaign Committee
Most groups desirous of making independent expenditures are required to form campaign committees. Reed & Davidson helps clients establish the appropriate of campaign committee to achieve their election goals.

Ongoing Compliance
Once your organization is established, it must follow laws and regulations established by:

  • The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and the Federal Election Commission
  • The California Political Reform Act (and other state laws) and the California Fair Political Practices Commission (and other state campaign ethics agencies)
  • Local campaign ordinances and local campaign ethics agencies

Reed & Davidson helps clients navigate this web of laws to ensure ongoing compliance with fundraising and expenditures.

Preparing Campaign Finance Reports
Reed & Davidson also provides a full range of campaign treasurer services, allowing seamless filing of legally required campaign finance reports.

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