Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and California Public Records Act (CPRA) Requests

Government transparency laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and California Public Records Act (CPRA) allow access to many types of public records. Reed & Davidson’s clients sometimes require assistance obtaining public records from a federal, state, or local agency. Our public sector clients sometimes need help determining whether they must disclose records requested by the public. Reed & Davidson helps its clients by:

Drafting and Pursuing FOIA and CPRA Requests
Many public agencies are helpful to persons requesting public records and go out of their way to assist ordinary citizens. However, many agencies make the process as difficult as possible by stalling, characterizing requests as “too broad,” or charging exorbitant fees.

Reed and Davidson helps clients write focused records requests to obtain the information they need and actively pursues records requests on behalf of clients.

Advising Public Agencies About Public Records Disclosure
In addition to helping members of the public obtain public records, Reed & Davidson counsels public agencies on FOIA and CPRA requirements for public disclosure. Both FOIA and the CPRA have tests for determining whether documents are subject to disclosure and numerous exceptions to disclosure. We advise clients how to navigate those requirements in order to provide what is legally mandated.

Public Records Litigation
Sometimes public agencies refuse to disclose documents or certain portions of documents, claiming they are exempt from disclosure when, in fact, they should be provided to the public. Reed & Davidson helps clients pursue court actions with agencies that withhold such public information.

However, not all public records must be disclosed. We also represent public agencies facing public records litigation over records they legally do not have to disclose.

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