Election Law

During the course of a campaign, leading to an election, election law issues can arise. Reed & Davidson offers its clients assistance in complying with the complex election laws and regulations.

Ballot Access
To be placed on a ballot in a California election — as a candidate or ballot measure — there are always legal requirements to be met. Reed & Davidson guides its clients through the process to ensure those arcane requirements are met and challenges opponents of the firm’s clients who fail to meet the rigorous legal requirements.

Ballot Designation
In California, “ballot designation” refers to the brief description next to a candidate’s name on the ballot. Down-ticket elections, such as judicial and school board races, often turn on these descriptions. It’s crucial that candidates are able to describe themselves accurately — and that opponents’ descriptions of themselves are true.

Drafting Ballot Measures and Arguments Supporting or Opposing Them
California has a rich history of direct democracy, which allows ordinary citizens to draft laws themselves and put them before a vote of the people. But drafting a law is often quite complicated. Our firm helps initiative proponents draft measures to be placed before voters in an election.

Additionally, ballot measure campaigns allow proponents and opponents of a measure to draft arguments for submission to voters in a ballot pamphlet. Reed & Davidson helps clients draft arguments to better withstand legal challenges and helps clients challenge opponents’ arguments that are false or misleading.

Advising Local Governments on Election Law
Running a city, county, or special district is no easy task in California, and complications sometimes arise for local governments attempting to comply with California’s election law requirements. Oftentimes, issues arise when residents begin an initiative, referendum, or recall election drive. Reed & Davidson offers guidance to city clerks, city attorneys, county clerks, county counsel, and registrars of voters on complying with all aspects of California election law to run free and fair elections.

Election Contests
Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of every free society. Reed & Davidson helps clients who encounter election irregularities as part of the election process.

In close election contests, recounts sometimes sway the outcome of an election. Reed & Davidson ensures that election officials, such as county registrars and city clerks, follow fair and open processes to determine the true winner of an election.

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